How To Clean a Freezer (in 5 Steps)

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August 10, 2022
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A freezer is one of the most important appliances that people have in their homes, as it allows them to safely store food. Making sure your freezer is clean is essential, as it will help prevent your appliance from malfunctioning and keep your food from becoming contaminated. 

If your freezer needs a deep clean, this guide will tell you how to do it in just five simple steps. Simply start with step one and work your way through each additional step and your freezer will be sparkling clean in no time!

Step 1 – Empty your freezer

Start by removing your food from your freezer. To stop the food from defrosting during the cleaning process, it’s a good idea to put it into coolers with ice. Once you have removed all your food and drinks from your freezer, switch the power off. This can be done by switching it off at the wall or turning the circuit breaker off if you cannot reach the plug.

Step 2 – Remove all shelves and clean them

Once all the food is removed and you’ve switched the power off, the next step is to remove all of the shelves and ice trays from your freezer. Once removed, leave the freezer door open to allow it to defrost. It’s a good idea to place a towel on the floor to catch any water that drips out.

While the freezer is defrosting, give the shelves a good clean. The easiest way to do this is to fill up your sink with hot soapy water and clean them with a brush. Once clean, leave them to drip dry.

Step 3 – Clean the inside of the freezer

After you have cleaned the shelves, the freezer should be defrosted and ready to clean. You can use either a commercial cleaning spray (preferably one with bleach) or make a natural solution by mixing 2 cups of warm water with 2 cups of white vinegar and ¼ cup of lemon juice. Once you’ve sorted your cleaning spray, grab a sponge and a cloth and then spray and wipe all surfaces within your freezer until clean. You can use the sponge to soak up any excess water in your freezer. Once clean, dry it out with a dry cloth.

Once the inside surfaces of your freezer are clean and dry, flush out the freezer drain by pouring hot soapy water down it. If the water doesn’t freely go down the drain, use a piece of wire to unblock the drain.

An important task when cleaning the inside of your freezer is to clean the door gasket/seal. This can be done by using your cleaning spray and a clean cloth. You can also use a small brush like a toothbrush to get into the hard-to-reach parts of the gasket. Once clean, you can spray a lubricant onto the gasket to help it to close properly. 

Step 4 – Clean the exterior of your freezer

The next step is to clean the exterior of your freezer. This can be done by using your cleaning spray to spray and wipe all exterior surfaces. While you’re cleaning the exterior of your freezer, it’s a good idea to pull it out so you can clean underneath it. If you have an aluminum freezer, use a specialty aluminum spray or glass cleaner to give it a shine once clean. 

Step 5 – Clean the condenser coils and drain

Now that your freezer is clean inside and out, the final step is to give the condenser coils and the drain pan a clean. This will help your freezer to work better as dirty condenser coils can reduce the efficiency of your appliance. The drain pan collects water from your freezer and can crack if water is left to build up in it.

To clean the condenser coils and drain pan, you need to:

  • Make sure the power is still switched off to your freezer.
  • If your freezer is positioned against a wall, pull it out so you can access the back of it.
  • Remove the cover from the condenser coils.
  • If the coils are covered in dust and aren’t wet, use a vacuum cleaner to get the dust off them.
  • If the coils are wet, use a dry cloth to give them a good clean.
  • Once clean, put the cover back on the coil unit.
  • Next, locate the drain pan and wipe it out with a damp cloth.
  • Once the drain pan is clean, push your freezer back against the wall.
  • Finally, switch the power back on to your freezer and place all the shelves back into it.
  • Once the freezer is cold, place all your food back into it. Your freezer should now be nice and clean and smelling fresh!
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